Trickster Tales


So what is a Trickster Tale?  Who is a Trickster, and what makes them one?

There are lots of ways that we can describe Trickster Tales and the Tricksters in them.  

Trickster tales can tell us about a culture and can also be folklore from a culture.  The story tells us something about how people act and behave, and can include a main lesson or moral.  Many cultures have their own unique tricksters and folklore which explains cultural values and societal norms.  These stories can explain why something exists or why something happens (like the story about why Dogs chase Cats!)

A Trickster is a character in a Trickster Tale  who doesn't follow rules and tricks other people to get what they want.  They can be animals, people, or other characters.  They can be good or bad, clever or unintelligent, strong or weak, kind or unkind, and so on.  Tricksters are often mischievous troublemakers who try to manipulate others to get what they want.  You can find more information about tricksters and their characteristics by visiting this website

Compare and contrast this website to the above linked website.  What do you think are important differences and similarities in the way that tricksters and trickster tales are presented?  Use specific examples.

Culture Hero: A mythological character who changes the world by inventing or discovering something.

Characteristics of Tricksters:  Intelligent and foolish (at the same time), funny, lovable, culture hero, irresponsible, selfish