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So what is a Trickster Tale?  It's basically a story about a trickster, or someone who is clever and tricks other characters in the story.  There are many different types of Trickster Tales.  There are also lots of words that we can use to describe Tricksters, who are often the main characters of these stories.  We will describe Trickster Tales and Tricksters on the Characteristics page, which is the next page on this website!

Here is a really short Trickster Tale just to give you an example of one.  Additionally, you can find many more trickster tales by visiting this website.
  What are some similarities and differences you notice between tricksters and trickster tales on this website and those on the linked website?

"Why Dogs Chase Cats"

As you're listening: Think of who the trickster is in this story.  What are some characteristics that make him or her a trickster?